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Ocean2k announces the beginning of phase 2 of the project

Ocean2k phase 1 started in 2011 and is just concluding; phase 2 is an opportunity to both build on past efforts and to develop new initiatives:

Ocean2k past   If you are unfamiliar with the Ocean2k project, please see the recently updated Ocean2k webpages which includes an overview of the project, and links to paleoclimate data and simulation metadatabases. Join the Ocean2k listserv to stay informed as we reorganize and plan for phase 2.

Ocean2k present  Results from phase 1 include one paper published in Paleoceanography. The group also has a number of other manuscripts in revision and preparation, including trans-regional synthesis manuscripts.

Ocean2k future  Details and a call for the 1st Ocean2k workshop participation will be forthcoming, but we envision a small meeting of representatives from groups self-organized to develop new initiatives that will define phase 2 of Ocean2k. Participants will be selected on the basis of plans to make use of the workshop to identify and advance emerging phase 2 projects. Please join us and bring your expertise to the development of phase 2 research goals.

New! Click here for details on how to submit your short proposal.

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PAGES will support the '1st Ocean2k workshop', Barcelona, 6-8 Oct 2015 !

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The 1st Ocean2k workshop will be particularly valuable to advance the phase 2 new projects. Ahead of the workshop, we will re-order and renew existing sub-groups and leadership, and advertise for new participants/projects. The workshop will form a milestone for phase 2 activities and participants will have the opportunity to: 

  • significantly advance the phase 2 projects
  • give/receive feedback on phase 2 projects from the wider O2k group
  • define new and concrete output products that are both feasible and timely
  • develop the trust and reciprocity essential to the O2k community

Thanks to PAGES and to the U.S. and Swiss National Science Foundations and NOAA !

Ocean2k members and 2k network coordination

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The 2k network poses key questions

  • what did the main patterns and modes of climate variability on sub-decadal to orbital timescales look and operate like?
  • how do climate variability and extreme events relate to the important primary forcing factors, namely orbital, solar and volcanic?
  • what feedbacks operated to modulate the climate response?

The 2k network has a number of trans-regional projects

Chris Turney, Darrell Kaufman, Hugues Goosse, Michael Evans and Lucien von Gunten (PAGES IPO) will coordinate the network


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