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Information about the paper "Robust global ocean cooling trend for the pre-industrial Common Era" by Helen V. McGregor, Michael N. Evans, Hugues Goosse, Guillaume Leduc, Belen Martrat, Jason A. Addison, P. Graham Mortyn, Delia W. Oppo, Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz, Marie-Alexandrine Sicre, Steven J. Phipps, Kandasamy Selvaraj, Kaustubh Thirumalai, Helena L. Filipsson and Vasile Ersek; published in Nature Geoscience this week.

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Ocean2k NG 2015 F2a mod

Figure. Results of the global sea surface temperature compilation from Ocean2k: A cooling over the past two millenium was reversed only in the most recent two centuries. (More in Figure 2a in the paper and Supplementary Tables S6 and S13 and Fig S8).

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This paper provides the missing ocean component to the continental-scale temperature reconstructions produced by the PAGES2k Consortium "Continental-scale temperature variability during the past two millennia"; published in Nature Geoscience in 2013.

The Ocean2k study based on annual growth bands in corals that show the year-to-year changes in detail over the past 400 years is "Tropical sea-surface temperatures for the past four centuries reconstructed from coral archives" by Jessica E. Tierney, Nerilie J. Abram, Kevin J. Anchukaitis, Michael N. Evans, Cyril Giry, K. Halimeda Kilbourne, Casey P. Saenger, Henry C. Wu and Jens Zinke; published in Paleoceanography in 2015.




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