The goals of the 2015 Ocean2k workshop are to develop, coordinate and significantly advance community-identified and driven phase 2 activities. TEAM PROJECTS which build new Ocean2k initiatives, emphasize syntheses of observations and simulations, build links across PAGES2k network, and address PAGES2k phase 2 themes are particularly encouraged. We anticipate interested people to self-organize into teams. Use the Ocean2k or paleoclimate listservs to call for interest from like-minded people inside or outside of the existing Ocean2k network, or CONTACT US for suggestions. We ask the teams to submit short proposals using the form entries at FILL IN THE FORM. Based on the proposals we will invite representatives from teams to attend the 1st Ocean2k workshop. The workshop will form a milestone for phase 2 activities and representatives will have the opportunity to: 

  • Give/receive feedback on phase 2 activities from the wider Ocean2k group

  • Define new and concrete output products  which are both feasible and timely

  • Develop the trust and reciprocity  essential to the Ocean2k community

The workshop will focus on breakout teams to further Ocean2k science. Keynote presentations will be delivered via PODCASTS  in advance, maximising workshop time for discussionPlease note that these team proposals are for workshop support and focus themes only; and do not carry additional funding. We consider that a small workshop (25-30 PARTICIPANTS) will permit high quality interaction but we think that, using Ocean2k communications channels, we will efficiently engage with, and receive feedback from, a much larger group. Thanks again for your interest in Ocean2k and if you have questions or need our input do not hesitate to ask using our email addresses or the form entries shown at CONTACT US.


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