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We propose an innovative workshop format. Before the workshop, PODCAST  talks will be made available, with the goal of giving all PARTICIPANTS an introduction to the Ocean2k scope, objectives, philosophy and structure, and to the past and proposed projects within Ocean2k phases 1 and 2.

  • March 2015  Ocean2k phase 2 announcement

  • March-April 2015 Call for project proposal briefs including objectives and experimental design / Identify project team members and phase 1 and phase 2 participants / Use internet tools to brainstorm, solicit ideas and facilitate forming the new sub-groups

  • Thursday 23 April 2015 Ocean2k phase 2 proposal submission open 

  • Thursday 21 May 2015 Ocean2k phase 2 proposal submission deadline 

  • May 2015  Review of  proposals

    and selection of workshop participants based on proposals
  • May-September 2015  Refinement of projects and progress on project goals

  • 6-8 October 2015  Project representatives attend workshop, give and receive feedback on projects, make plans for further development and advancement of projects, act on task assignments



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